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Suresh Babu Kakkattil is the CEO of RIPTA (Rock International Professional Traders Academy), a financial education and research firm. Suresh is responsible for managing his team of research analysts and the creation of its trade alert newsletter publications.

He is a recognized Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and trader who has been involved in the markets since 2003. He is the author of the popular book “TRTS- Trend Reversal Trading Strategy”.

Suresh’ mission is to help his clients boost their investment performance while reducing market exposure and portfolio volatility.

Suresh is also founder of Rock-Trader Algos. He designed an automated algorithmic trading strategy for the S&P NIFTY index Stocks & Futures which solves his client’s biggest problem related to investing in the stock market: the ability to profit during both a rising and falling and sideways market.

Rock-Trader’ algorithmic trading system allows individuals to invest in shares and trade Stock futures contracts.

The COMPOSIT INVESTMENTS is our broker support arm for clients who need assistance in opening and/or funding a new account

Certified Technical Analyst
Certified Chart Watcher