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If you are not satisfied with the trading results within the first 90 days of subscribing you can cancel your subscription and receive a pro-rated refund based on time within the system (max 90 days) and the proper refund will be delivered back to you upon cancellation of your Rock-Trader Algos subscription.

We provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After 12 months of using Rock- Trader Algos if you have allocated the recommended of capital required by the system (₹ 1,00000 or ₹ 5,00000 depending on the system), do not alter any trades, and if your account has not produced a 10% or greater return on your money we will extend your subscription by three months free of charge to help you profit from our automated trading system.***

““It’s hard to know what’s for real and what isn’t in the financial industry, and it’s normal to be apprehensive at first when you find an investing system that looks promising or too good to be true. The good news is that the Rock-Trader Algos algorithmic trading system is NSE certified.

The truth is you are here because you are searching for a proven strategy that can make you more money, provide hands-free trading, and reduce stress related to your investing.

I’m proud to give you with the Rock-Trader Algos System. All you have to do is link our system to your brokerage account and Rock-Trader Algos will take over your trading and risk management for you to make more money in both rising and falling market conditions.” Suresh Babu , Rock-Trader Algos founder and system

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Rock-Trader Algos Futures Pro Results

Average annual returns are calculated using all backtested trades from inception in 2007 to the present and have been manually reviewed for accuracy.

Results are net profits calculated by deducting a trade commission of 0.01% per round trip per contract, 25% for slippage (slippage is typically much lower) and the Rock-Trader Algos -Futures-Pro annual fee.

Rock-Trader Algos -Futures-Pro is an automated investing system with relatively low trade frequency, so results shown are based on annual performance. Equivalent results using shorter time frames should not always be expected.